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Sunday 1 February 2015

With 2016 in mind...

Well, we are rather enjoying our winter in Espana, so much so that we are now thinking about what we might want to do in 2016.  So on Thursday we travelled south to the Costa del Sol and the town of Nerja (ner-ha) to meet an estate agent and have a look around the towns just outside the resort town of Nerja, Frigiliani and Torrox, that sit in the foothills above the coast.  We will fly out at the beginning of December to have a look at properties and get a contract in place....this time for twelve months, Yes, we are going to try a year in Spain and then decide what we want to do in the future....
 First stop, the beach with the two dogs after our two hour drive from Trujillos

Two VERY excited dogs...BEACH, yippee

With the dogs 'comfortable', we headed off to find the estate agent and went through our list of questions and came away knowing that what we required was do-able and that we needed to return later in the year to find and finalise..
Next stop lunch.

With the two boys at our feet we settled at a pleasant restaurant and ordered lunch al fresco
 Seafood pizza, rocket and parmesan salad, beers and water...AND, sunshine!!

Post lunch, another visit to the beach with the dogs and then a drive up into the foothills to have a recce of the area we are thinking we will be living in 2016.


  1. Now why aren't I surprised??? And I thought I had itchy feet!
    love Pip xxx

    1. Hi Pip
      We didn't come to Spain thinking we might want to stay for a while but the place has had that affect. The rental market is very favourable, a lot of house for your money and there are plenty of them given the bottom has fallen out of the housing market. Many Northern Europeans have bought but can't sell so they are renting their places long term. £450 will get you a three bed, two bath villa with pool for instance. We thought it was worth a try. If we don't like it we simply pack up and return to Yarwood and if we do like it we can extend our stay perhaps..
      Itchus feet us, X Lesley

  2. Wow Lesley! What a decision. A boat free year? Or will you divide your time between the two?

    1. Amanda
      We are going to enquire about leaving Yarwood on a hard standing at Debdale that way we don't have to waste best of a grand on a C&RT licence and she will be safe. The 'trial' year will inform what we do next of course. Part of me wants to divide my time between the two options but is less keen on that route.
      Nothing final yet though.
      X see you in a couple of months Lesley

  3. Wow, big move but totally understandable. We loved the Nerja area, it had a good mix of locals and northern Europeans.
    When you are back in the UK the A Place In The Sun expos are a great place for info on all things Spain and other euro places related.
    When are you due back!
    Paul x

    1. Hi folks, hope all is going well in the health dept.
      We are back at the start of April and thank you for the pointer on info. We know that we are not going to buy out here, the housing market is flooded with housing that is not selling so we are going to rent. This option gives us the freedom to move about if we choose and see more of Spain plus our pennies will not be tied up in a property we cannot shift and have to worry about.
      Hopefully, we get to see you both this year!
      X Lesley

  4. Hi Lesley, I have an ex colleague and a current colleague who are spainophiles. In fact sitting here albeit on a lovely warm boat going out to work in minus 6 tomorrow holds some negativity. I know my colleague will return from his villa tomorrow full of praise for the place. My ex colleague did what you are doing, rented in a few locations before finally buying a place with land and a pool for the sort of money that would get you not a lot in most parts of the UK. Good luck, we look forward to the next installment.

  5. Thanks Nev. you are right that the Pound will go a long way out here in Spain. We have looked at buying a place but have opted to rent. The first year is a no brainier but then we thought that actually buying here is not that attractive either so if. If we choose to stay beyond a year we will still rent while that is a practical solution.
    Keep safe in the ice
    X Lesley

  6. That's a big move, but I can understand the call of the sunshine and warmth in such a beautiful area. You'd better get lots of boating in in 2015 then, we'd still love to join you on the trip we discussed if it's still happening. The dogs look as if they're having a wonderful time. Lynn & Jonathan x


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