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Monday 9 February 2015

Harvesting olives or twig trembling

This is a local woman, known as The Goat Lady, who lives in the village of Trujillos and owns olive trees below the Cortijo ( farm house) where have been staying.  The appellation of Goat Lady is because she keeps a herd of the beasties, and a fine herd it is, but no one actually knows the woman's name.
The Goat Lady turns up the other day in a newish Mitsubishi truck and unloads her nets and her motorised twig trembler/wobbler and sets about harvesting the olives on her trees.

 The nets are spread below the individual trees and the long pole on the Stihl two stroke engine is used to stroke the branches and loosen the crop of olives.

The olives are then gathered and bagged up ready to be transported to a local processing plant of which there are many.  This week sometime Joe and I are going to visit an olive processing plant to see what it entails.

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