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Tuesday 10 February 2015

Finding another part of the Vias Verde

A bit of a chilly snap at the moment but the sun is out after a couple of days of rain.  The damp weather makes it impossible to walk the olive groves with the two dogs, unless of course you are happy to return with 6 inches of cloying mud under your boots and I am not...
Having discovered another point that gives vehicular access to the defunct railway line that is the Via Verde Aceite de Oliva, the Olive Oil Green Way, we set off the other day to drive to the town of Alcadette where below the town is the former old rail station.

The track bed passing the Alcadette rail station
Ticket office

 We have just crossed another via duct

A view from the Olive oil way

 Yours truly making use of my new Jensen Button McLaren cap

Lots and lots of miniature irises in bloom
Lunch break..
Joe sharing his mandarin with Fletcher...

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