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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Done, dusted and wound-up

Build day 25

While Joe and I were away caravanning in Suffolk, Ian at Lambon Boats was taking photo's of the progress and emailing them to me each day so that I could keep Yarwood's blog updated. 
In all this time no mention was made of the engine being fitted.
So as the end of our holiday neared and cabin tops were fitted I asked....
"So you have fitted the engine then?"
"No, it's still in it's big crate" came the reply.

Now either this was  big wind-up or, Lambon were cutting a engine hatch in the cabin top.... our money was on wind-up but.... we weren't sure.

Of course when we got to see Yarwood, there was the engine in its engine 'ole and there was Ian with a big grin on his face.
Yep, WIND-UP accomplished.

I climbed on the back and opened the rear doors, there was a temporary box covering the fitted engine.

Slots have been cut in the forward and rear bulkheads for the ventilation. these will be fitted with 'letterbox' style air vents.

The final side hatch

On Tuesday we do the final 'walk through' before parting with the last of the stage payments and Yarwood goes off to the paint shop for the next stage of the build.


  1. I hope your side hatch doors are a full 24" opening to allow for the engine block to be removed should the need arise.
    Regards Paul

  2. They most certainly are Paul and the forward doors as well to get the white goods into the boat - hopefully it will be a one way journey and we won't be taking them out again...

  3. It sure helps Paul, it sure helps...


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