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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Strakes and impressions

Build day 20

The top strake has been welded to the hull side along the line of the gunwale and here Steve is grinding it back.  This widens the tread area of the gunwale and will be painted in raddle red the same as the gunwale giving the appearance of a wooden gunwale.

And here Matt is doing his impression of the Pope - note the headgear.

Impressions over, Matt is now hard at work seam welding the top strake.


  1. Brian on Harnser21 August 2011 at 14:07

    That is a good idea having the rubbing strake along the gunwale, gaining the width without losing cabin space, also a good place to change from red to black. Our gunwale has a roled edge so you actually lose a bit and there is no definate line between top and side

  2. Hi Brian
    This idea was suggested by Dave Moore, Sign Writer, it is a device that Graham Edgson of Norton Canes boats uses.

  3. The boat is looking fantastic. xx

  4. Thanks Jo, from the Hadar Crew I take that as a REAL compliment!


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