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Friday, 26 August 2011

On the final straight now

Build Day 23-24

We are on the final straight now, at least as far as the hull fabrication is concerned.  Joe and I called on to Lambon Boats yesterday afternoon on our way back from Suffolk where we have been holidaying. The anser pins were all in place and most of the doors and hatches were in done.

 Anser pins now fitted.  Yarwood has six of these.

Eat your heart out Renault, this is a real nice va, va, voom...

Matt working on the side doors for the engine 'ole.

Hatches for the side doors completed.

I can't tell you how delighted we are with Ian, Steve and Matt of Lambon Boats for what they have achieved, but I will find a way - WE ARE DELIGHTED!!!!!   There, that was easy.


  1. Hi, interesting blog thanks for sharing with us. I can't but help notice the circular mark on the cabin side between the two portholes on the left. What happened?


  2. Hi Liam
    Thanks. The mark is a 'ghost' from where the cut has been made in a sheet of steel that was sitting on the bottom plate - it will disappear in the painting process.


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