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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Making steady progress

Build Day 8
Hanging over the gunnel which is not too shy of my height I might add,  this is a shot of the swim and the new stern being hauled into place.

The skin tank that will been used to cool the engine, has been modified and retested.

Stern under construction

Foredeck done

And back to the 'sharp end'


  1. I am amazed by how quickly this build is progressing Lesley. You must be so excited! It is looking beautiful.

  2. This all seems frightfully quick.... Blink and there is a boat there.

  3. Hi Amanda
    We are really pleased with the choice of Lambon Boats for the hull. Very customer focused, very skilful and very determined to get it right!
    I am 'excited' Joe is 'pleased', it's a man thing..

  4. Hi Lisa
    It does rather put to the question why some boat builders take 9 months to build a hull - that's nine months wages and nine months overheads the customer pays for - that must explain the cost of some hulls because the steel cost will be the same.
    This isn't a production line, there are only two fellows doing this but they are always hard at it and the progress is very gratifying..


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