Saturday, 23 March 2013

Changes afoot

Changes afoot are actually changes in the galley.  My original specification for Yarwood's galley was painted Shaker style doors.  An 'executive decision' made by Himself when I was safely off visiting my Mother during Yarwood's build meant we ended up with varnished sapele doors; as below. 

A year on and the framing of some of the doors was beginning to warp and bow a little and this was irritating the hell out of Joe.   As most of the movement in the doors was above my eye line, being rather vertically challenged, I didn't notice so was not exercised by it but I jumped at the opportunity to get the doors changed and this is what we have done during our sojourn at Brandon. 

We found a kitchen door maker in Huntingdon, went and looked at the products they produced and placed an order.   Last Saturday the doors were delivered and we set to to remove the original and replace with Shaker style doors in an ivory finish and thing are so much lighter and airier!


  1. Much better Lesley, a good job done - hope to see you this summer if it ever arrives!

  2. Love the new look, Lesley - much brighter. And Congrats on achieving the Great Escape!!!
    Pip & Rog xxx


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