Friday, 22 March 2013

Next stop Denver

Graham and Jill ( Nb Matilda Rose) are sitting on the starting blocks at Denver Lock and we are a 'lap behind' sitting an hour up river at Hilgay Bridge.  Tomorrow morning we will leave this mooring and slip down stream to moor behind them on the lock landing and await the decision on whether we can cross the tidal Gt. Ouse to Salters Lode lock.

It took some time this morning to prep Yarwood for our departure from Brandon.  Joe, wrapped as Nanook of the North, first had to remove the accumulation of weed washed down by flood waters from alongside the boat before diving down the weed hatch to remove three, yes three, sacks of weed from around the prop. That done, we set off down stream like a cork out of a bottle towards the Great Ouse, stopping at The Little Ouse Moorings for fuel,water and gas.  I counted myself very lucky as while Joe was subject the biting cold winds and bitter temperatures on the back of the boat I was playing Widow Twankey and getting all the laundry done inside in the warm.  I prepared lunch and made soup for tomorrow and only stuck my head out in the cold to assist with mooring up and servicing the boat.
Now we are settled for the evening/night, dogs walked and fed and us showered and deliciously warm!


  1. Reading your and Matilda Rose's blogs is a bit like watching Life on Mars or Ashes to Ashes. Will they get back to the real world or be consigned to roaming the underworld of the Fens for eternity?

    Seriously, glad to hear from you once again and best of luck for the trip back to CRTland.

    Best wishes,

    Evelyn and Graham

    1. Evelyn I wouldn't much mind looking like Keeley Hawes , what a nice thought... Still, back to reality, I will post when we know the outcome of today's adventure.
      X Lesley

  2. Good luck tomorrow you two.. I shall be thinking of you. It is going to be a really difficult day if you do go.. the wind is going to be very tricky to get into Salters.

    Hope you have the champers on board when you stop the other side!

    Blog as soon as you can just to let us know!

    Take care too! xx

    1. Thanks Sue. I am looking forward to the escape but not the crossing I can tell you!
      X Lesley

  3. Good Luck tomorrow,we will be right behind you every step of the way, so to speak. So full of admiration for the trials and tribulations you have been through, I am minded that The Empire was built by women such as you. Farewell and a fair wind till we may meet again,
    Lisa & David
    (Amanda's chums)

  4. Sometimes Lisa, when I look in the mirror, I feel old enough to Be that woman!
    You are such a wit!
    See you this year we trust..
    Lesley and Himself


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