Thursday, 21 March 2013

Get out of Jail free...well maybe, maybe not.

It seems we have a window of opportunity to get off of the River Great Ouse system on Saturday.  I have spoken to the Lock keepers at both Salters Lode ( the lock on to the Middle Levels) and Denver (the lock onto the tidal Great Ouse) and with the dredging of silt that had blocked both locks now all  but complete, there is just a chance that we can get across the tidal stretch into the Middle Levels.  This crossing will be dependent on Paul at Salters Lode lock being able to get level waters so that he can open the lock fully and allow both boats, Yarwood and Matilda Rose, who are both 66' footers and therefore too long to fit into Salters Lode lock, to get through.   Lots of ifs and buts and maybes but if we don't try the next window of opportunity is several weeks away.  So tomorrow will see us pulling pins from our mooring here at Brandon staunch and heading down stream on the River Little Ouse towards Denver. 
For today we will be making a last visit to family for what has become a weekly 'luncheon club' visit to a local  pub/restaurant; well last for a while if our exit is successful...if not, lunch will on for next week again!


  1. Best of luck! We hope to go through on the level mid April!

  2. Thanks
    Amy. I don't envy you the job of bringing Willow through Well Creek!

  3. Good luck guys, hope to see you soon.

    1. Thanks Folks. Let's make a date for a meet when we get Yarwood back to the ditches.


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