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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mince pies and Pork Scratching

This morning Jill came a knocking with a gift of some homemade mince pies.  This close to Christmas it seemed rude not to break open the sherry and toast the season so there we were at 10.30, noshing a shared mince pie and quaffing a glass of Crofts...very civilised.
Joe and Graham had gone  off to the Little Ouse Moorings to see owners, Natalie and Danny and get a new bottle of gas for each boat so they missed the early morning imbibing; Joe has since returned and we now have NO mince pies left...funny that.

When the men retuned, we saw Nb.Matilda Rose away - they have headed into Ely - and then hauled Yarwood backwards on to the EA mooring at Littleport rather than the pub mooring.  We had phoned ahead on Sunday last to The Swan on the River and asked about a hook-up on their shore power but on arrival we were told that they still haven't resolved whether they want to continue offering this service.   We were hoping to use shorepower get all the laundry up to date before going away for Christmas; we will still be up to date but Yarwood's genny is providing the power instead.
I have been out across the fenland walking the dogs this morning leaving Himself to run the vacuum around the boat - a much easier task when you haven't got the dogs sprawled about the boat objecting to being moved!

 Dog walking on a  dank and misty drove road
 Where we were greeted by these wee fellows, Gloucester Old Spots?
 Fletcher keeps his distance, standing on the opposite side of the road from the pigs whilst inquisitive Floyd has to meet and greet each one.
All pressed forward for a welcome back scratch - humans are so useful - and posed for the camera in return


  1. Hi Lesley, what's happened to your blog? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's missed you. Hope everything is alright with you both!


    1. Hi Paula
      Many thanks for your kind thoughts, Joe and I are quite well but we are trapped here on the Great Ouse river system by silting at Denver and Salters Lode. This means we cannot get back onto the Middle Levels and the R. Nene, our route back to the canals. We are essentially just hanging around, effectively 'bridge-hopping' until Easter when our escape route will be dredged by EA.
      Our lack of travelling has left me a bit light on things to blog about so I have taken a break.


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