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Tuesday 11 December 2012

Change of plan

Blogger is playing ball again so today some photo's.

It was a bright and cold start this morning, so was yesterday come to think of it, thick frost and frozen lines (ropes) as we prepared for the off.   I had mentioned to Jill (Nb Matilda Rose) that the roads I would have to drive on (we have  our car with us ahead of the Christmas visiting) would not have seen any grit; they are so minor as to be barely more than farm tracks in places, and that perhaps I would be better off staying at Prickwillow ahead of a trip to see family in Norfolk tomorrow.   
By the time we had moored up for water all of 15 minutes after pulling pins my 'thought' had become a plan.   So we on Yarwood have stayed at Prickwillow and Nb. Matilda Rose has moved on towards  Judes Ferry; we will join them on Thursday.

Our view of Ely and it's grand cathedral as we left yesterday
Batting downstream in MR's wake
Breasted up last night at Toms Hole Farm mooring - room for one narrowboat only so hence the arrangement

Off this morning, blue sky and gilded reeds and unlike fellow bloggers/boaters on the canals....NO ICE!
Following MR up stream on the R Lark
Yarwood, or Noby-no-mates, at Prickwillow

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