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Wednesday 12 December 2012

Four and Six

I am rather fond of a liqueur...

or two...


too many pubs and restaurants serve liqueurs in shot or whiskey glasses which is a bit naff.

so I have been looking for a set of appropriate glasses for Yarwood.  I have looked on line and in some of the cookware stores but nothing  tickled my fancy until I thought to go and have a rummage in  Ely Antiques based in an ancient Malting's by the riverside.  

I saw beautiful etched Edwardian glasses for very little

and I was rather tempted
could I be bothered to hand wash them?
what about bouncing them?
Perhaps not then...

So I kept looking and found a matching set of six liqueur glasses and four sherry glasses.  Well I couldn't leave them when Yarwood had a shelf awaiting them so..
I paid the asking price of  £17 and brought them home...



  1. A good buy, The Maltings Antique centre is a lovely place to spend a few hours browsing the various dealers on 3 floors, we found some nice lace plates and a mini "buckby can" there this year that where really inexpensive.
    NB Centurion

    1. Hi Andy
      I love this antique centre. I bought some brass bits and bobs for Yarwood earlier this year and the glassware was a snip. If you were looking to furnish a house there is some seriously good quality and relatively cheap furnishings to be had here.

  2. No excuse for drinking out of the bottle anymore then. Jill
    PS Sorry, I forgot I was meant to be nice to you or you wouldn't bring me any eggs back

    1. I have the eggs but will you get them???


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