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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Relocation, relocation

With winter set in there is barely any boat movement on the river system here on the Fenland waterways.  For the most part the GRP cruisers have been put to bed, many lifted out of the water and stored on the bank.

 Moored at Clayhithe on the River Cam with Nb Matilda Rose behind Yarwood

 A view of the Cam at Clayhithe, on the right the Cam Conservators depot with weed cutter and assorted craft and on the left the frontage of The Bridge Inn.

 Yarwood on the move.  Joe passes Bottisham moorings and WB. Pippin, the blue widebeam, as Yarwood in brought into Bottisham Lock.

We left Clayhithe Monday morning heading for Upware.  I had walked along the flood bank with the dogs and set the lock, saw Yarwood through and then retraced my steps to retrieve our car.  I arrived at Upware to find that there were no suitable moorings just as Yarwood came into view.  A quick call to Himself and we went to plan B, head for Lt. Thetford just south of Ely.  In the car again and back through Stretham, regain the A10 and head north for the village of Lt. Thetford where I dumped the car and walked to the river side.  Only one boat on the moorings so plenty of space for the likes of us.
Joe will stay here quite happily for a couple of days while I go to Essex for a pre-Christmas visit to Mum and when I get back we will head into Ely for the services.

Moored at Lt. Thetford


  1. That last photo is lovely - is it as isolated as it looks Lesley?

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. Even when it busy there's only a few boats pass the other way an hour.


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