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Thursday 13 December 2012

A bit of ice breaking today.....

My goodness, it is perishing cold isn't it?
This morning before the off Joe lit the stove in the back cabin so that the steerer would be warm and cosy - the lock girl and general factotum standing alongside on the gunwale was not so warm and cosy despite the Michelin - man outfit - those of a certain age will remember the Michelin man I am sure?
We de-frosted the standpipe and topped up our water tank before heading off towards Judes Ferry.

Just out of Prickwillow
 The run up stream from Prickwillow to Isleham is a bit tedious with high flood banks and a straight channel most of the way but the crisp blue sky and frosted bank side was just lovely.  When we arrived at Isleham lock the water in the lock and in the long cutting above the lock was frozen.  The difference out here on the fenland rivers is that this is an unusual state of affairs and the locks here are mechanised so the hydraulics do all the ice breaking for you, no hanging on to a lock gate for grim death while you open and close it madly to smash the ice caught behind the gates.

 Yarwood breaking ice along the lock cutting
 At the end of this straight the ice cover ended as we regained the river channel
Above Isleham lock the character of the River Lark changes dramatically, it takes on a tightly meandering course and getting sixty-six foot of narrowboat around the bends took some work!

 Yarwood moored up behind Nb. Matilda Rose on the Judes Ferry Inn staging
When we arrived Joe winded Yarwood and reversed in behind Matilda Rose.  The staging is so high that we are having to use the back doors for access as getting the dogs out of the side doors - our usual access/egress point - is not safe or practical.
We have kept the stove in that back cabin alight - we normally let it die out after cruising because it makes the back cabin a bit too toastie to sleep in - but tonight, I think we might just keep it going, it's that cold!


  1. Nice blue sky here today except it was 31 degrees!
    Got the A/C running flat chat.
    Just over a week left here, looking forward to getting back to El and the boat.
    Have a great Xmas and New Year xx

    1. I am so relieved that you and E have no regrets about your decision to sell up and come and join the UK boating fraternity. We look forward to catching up with you both in the New Year.
      Have a good one..
      X Lesley & Joe

  2. only 4 years,did the program water world give you the idea to come on the canals and rivers

    1. Hi Anon
      We have a holiday many years ago on a narrowboat and from that one week we knew we were smitten When we retired we decided to sell up and move onto a boat and we have no regrets.


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