Monday, 10 December 2012

Moored, Toms Hole Farm

Blogger is being difficult and has not allowed me to upload photo's over the last couple of days so the lovely sunsets of Ely will remain you anyway.

We have enjoyed our weekend in Ely but this morning was time to move on.  With both Nb. Matilda Rose and Nb Yarwood serviced, water tanks filled in preparation for  mammoth laundry sessions and the black tanks emptied, we pulled pins and set off downstream in glorious winter sunshine.  We were not going far, just on the River Lark, a tributary of the Great Ouse, where we moored at the first available moorings quaintly named, Toms Hole Farm moorings.  We will overnight here and move on again in the morning, refilling our depleted water supplies at Prickwillow before heading for Judes Ferry and the head of the navigation.
Apart from the inevitable dog walking, today has been a day of chores and the last one is awaiting my ministrations as I the oven.
The oven is dismantled and coated in chemical and now I fear I need to don a little rubber number and get scrubbing!

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