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Friday, 14 December 2012

Up the Lark without a boat

We are currently moored at Judes Ferry which is the end of the R. Lark navigation ...but not the end of the R Lark.   This morning, ahead of the promised high winds and lashing rain, I took the dogs for a walk along the banks of the unnavigable Lark.    We got the timing a bit wrong, well I did, the dogs don't do time unless it's meal-times and then they seem to have a very KEEN sense of time.  Anyway, the get-out-ahead-of-the-rain worked but the get-back-before-it-started didn't; we arrived back at Yarwood soaked and muddy.
Tomorrow promises better weather, apparently,  so the plan is to walk into Mildenhall along the river and explore the town.

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