Thursday, 21 March 2013

Two planks to safety

The recent flood waters coming down the Little Ouse saw Yarwood steadily rising as the water levels burst the banks.  We went from the use of one gang plank to keep the tootsies dry to having to rig up two planks - Joe did the rigging, I watched from the confines of a warm boat while Himself waded about with trousers rolled to his thighs, rubber shoes and no socks on.

 Two planks to safety

 Frost on the ground and Joe in 'shorts'
When the waters dropped, the planks were gradually removed and stored and we were left with piles of weed that Grey Wagtails picked over...but would they stay long enough for a photo? No.

Little Weed


  1. Ahoy the Yarwoods

    Great to hear that you're all safe and well - who'd have thought that the rivers would still be this moody now.

    Are you planning to escape with the Matilda Rose's?


    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. Hi Sue
    We will meet up with MR at Denver for the crossing to Salters Lode...that's if it happens of course. Hopefully we will be locked through together in the morning and find ourselves safely on route to March by midday.

  3. Hi Lesley good to see you blogging again - good luck with that crossing. Hope it happens this weekend as planned. Regards Carol and George

  4. Thanks Carol, here's hoping!


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