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Monday 28 October 2013

Down to Debdale and Diesel

We waited out the weather this morning, a couple of boats went past in the rain and made their way down the Foxton flight but we looked and went back to bed.   When the rain finally stopped we prepared the boat and moved off of our 48hr mooring and on the lock landing at the summit.  I walked down and told the two volunteer lock keepers that Yarwood and another boat were waiting their services and then I wandered back up again for a cuppa and to await the transit of boats on the way up.
Top lock Foxton
 You can never get tired of the stupendous view down the flight
 One of the volunteer Lock keepers that helped me down the flight
 At the bottom of the flight is the shop and Bridge 61 pub, this building was once the carpenters workshops.
On reaching the bottom we turned left in the direction of Leicester and headed for Debdale Wharf Marina which is just over a mile along the canal.

 Moored at Debdale getting gas and diesel. This is where they lift out boats for blacking. 

We had a word with Tim about enlarging Yarwood's gas locker hatch as getting bottles in and out is somewhat tricky. This is a job that we get done during the winter.   While we were getting fuel another boat turned up, some rough bunch on a boat called Nb.What a Lark - Friends David and Lisa and sister Melanie back to moor up after their trip into Market Harborough.

 Nb. What a Lark waiting for fuel
 A cheery wave to Lisa, David and Melanie and we were off back towards Foxton.

 Heading back towards Foxton

Moored for a couple of days by bridge 63 just short of the junction with the Harborough Arm.


  1. Will you please get a photo of the 8 stone version of you on the blog (not wearing four coats)!
    XX Jill MR

  2. I will have to get himself to man the camera...might get my head cut off though...thinks..that would be an improvement anyway.
    X Lesley


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