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Monday, 18 November 2013

Dead pump

We arrived back in Market Harborough on Tuesday afternoon having spent a week visiting with family.  Wednesday we shopped at the big Tesco store in Corby and on Thursday the water pump gave up the ghost.  Joe was in the shower and had just smothered himself in soapy foam when the pump failed and he was left with meagre water left in the kettle in which to rinse himself - my suggestion that he took a dip in the canal basin so we had enough water for a cup of tea didn't go down well - no humour and, no tea!
A quick look at the map to determine the nearest chandlers and we were off to Braunston for a replacement pump.  With the pump purchased (£87..ouch) we walked up the lock flight to the Admiral Nelson for lunch.

 The chandlers at Braunston bottom lock and no Nb. Henry H moored outside any longer.  Greygal's minute narrowboat Henry H had become a fitment/feature moored outside the chandlers while Wharf House Narrowboats remodelled the interior but with the fit out completed Henry H has been taken to pastures new. The Christmas edition of Canal Boat Magazine has an article on the fit out which will be a good read I am sure.

 Braunston bottom lock

A welcome roaring log fire, perfect for dogs, in the Admiral Nelson at Braunston where the mutts enjoyed their packet of pork scratchings and Joe and enjoyed our lunch and a pint of Timothy Taylor Landlords --so civilised.
Back at the boat later that afternoon Joe changed the water pump and then dismantled the 'failed device' to find that a micro switch had died and this he has now replaced,  New pump £87, new micro switch £3.  Ah well, we have a spare pump anyway.


  1. Henry H has been moved to the Feb edition (out at the beginning of Jan). Not sure why, but it's the editor's prerogative!

  2. Bum piddle wee wee Lesley - we arrived at Braunston yresterday (Monday) grrrrrrrr. Thought you were still at your Mum's.
    Going 'back' to Rugby then back in Braunston next Tuesday (to collect new ropes/canopy repairs) then heading your way. Christmas lunch? I'll ring you Jill x

    1. Yes please, Are you cooking? Joke! Perhaps I could meet you somewhere for a pub lunch and a catch up on all your Euro plans?
      X Lesley

  3. I will confess that we headed to Braunston the other week...only to realise that HH was in Long Itchington! Must come pay you a visit in MH


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