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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Do it before not after...

Yesterday morning I walked down into Market Harborough to sign on with a local GP.  I had asked the Basin Management if I could use their address (office) and they had readily agreed so off I went with my medical card clasped in one hand and their address on a scrap of paper in the other.  When I found the clinic it was one of these modern multi surgery affairs with Pharmacy thrown in and a dozen people sitting in front of  computer screens all bashing away. The place was heaving - usual Monday at a Doctor's surgery - with people queueing, people sitting in rows of chairs staring at screens and others milling about, it put me in mind of a cattle market but one with a smile on it's face...
Anyway, at the desk I stated my wish to sign on with the practise and was asked if I had moved to MH permanently to which I replied that I was here for five months. I was offered a three month temporary patient status unless I could provide proof of address at the Basin which of course I couldn't.  On getting back to the boat I did what I should have done BEFORE going to the surgery, research!  What a dumb- cluck I am.  Looking at the Association of Continuous Cruisers site I found that an address or proof of address is NOT required to access GP services and that we with this itinerant lifestyle can be treated like the Homeless where the surgery uses it's own address.  I now have to go back and try again and I am not looking forward to dealing with a Doctor's Receptionist who will clearly think they are right and I am wrong, a nuisance, deranged, waste of space and general irritant!


  1. We lived in Harborough (Great Bowden) before moving onto QISMA . Great spot for the winter. Interested to know why you are giving winter mooring a try though? Are you using Coventry Road surgery?

    1. We have opted for a winter mooring this year because I am 'doing' Christmas for Mother again and we have taken the opportunity to join friends in some winter sun in the new year.
      As for the surgery...??? The one opposite the Catholic church on the Lutterworth road I think.
      X Lesley

  2. I’ll be interested to hear how you got on at the surgery eventually, hope it goes smoothly - it may be an idea to find out the name of the practice manager and ring him/her to explain rather than speak to a ‘power-mad’ receptionist in a public area! Good luck.


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