Friday, 10 October 2014

Mission accomplished...Hello Leicester

We left on Loughborough Thursday morning in high winds and slight rain, we arrived Barrow-on -Soar  Deep lock in moderate winds and a downpour!   No photo's of that bit of the journey because some dumb cluck forgot to replace the memory card in the camera..
Okay yes, that was me!
We had arranged to meet up with Geoff and Mags aboard Nb.Seyella.  Geoff was providing lunch, delicious homemade soup and I was providing fresh doughnuts, Tesco's finest, not homemade mind you.  Mags is fond of doughnuts, I named her the 'Doughnut Queen' so when we meet I always try to bring doughnuts to the party.  Nb. Seyella is one of the boats joining us in our crossing of the Wash next May, its was Mags idea,  so we were sorting out arrangements and timescales etc.  Geoff is also about to do his Short Range Radio training so we left him with the course handbook as bedtime reading. Enjoy Geoff.

 Meg, Seyella's boat dog came calling
 Yes, Geoff is STILL in shorts

Nb. Seyella as we passed this morning, no sign of Mags

This morning we didn't set off early, Joe had a lie-in and I got  a bit of laundry out of the way before we re-filled with water at Barrow services ahead of the weekend.  The sun had come out, a bit breezy still but sunny so not complaints from me.  I stayed aboard, as did the dogs for the first stretch as Yarwood could travel faster than we could walk.

 Leaving Barrow-on-Soar

 Sileby Lock
 River views
 MGM boat builders at Thurmaston
We stopped above Thurmaston lock and grabbed a cuppa and a sandwich before continuing our journey.  The last four locks coming into Leicester had the top gate left open which was a bit of a pain as I had to close the gate and then empty the lock.  I spotted the miscreant (how polite is that?) after the second lock and not more than twenty minutes ago the little *xz* moored in front of us. Deep breadth.

 Ninja terrapin at Thurmaston lock.  This is the second one I have seen in the last week.

 The National Space Centre

Safely moored up on Castle gardens


  1. Well Done Wonder Woman and SuperMan. Extreme effort beyond me.

  2. We love that mooring in Leicester and the city has a lot to offer in museums but the private gardens when they lock the gates is brilliant D&R

    1. Hi Diane and Ray
      We slipped into Leicester hoping that we would find a spot on Castle Gardens and happily there was just enough space!
      Still disturbed by City noise of course but you can't have it all...

  3. You two are on waters we have never cruised so we are pleased to travel vicariously along with you. Lovely pictures!!
    Jaq & Les

    1. These are lovely waters the Leicester line is a little gem. You would love the history that Leicester can offer. A safe mooring at Castle Gardens is a big bonus as well.
      Take care both


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