Monday, 6 October 2014

Now it's all rush and I am not popular..shucks

One of us, it might have me, named Leicester as a suitable place to meet Joe's daughter Abby next weekend.   One of us, it might be me, is not very popular because we are now having to get a 'wriggle on' to get to Leicester!

We left Stourport last Monday and made our way to Kinver where we had arranged to met the crews of Nb. Rome, Graham and Evelyn Booth, and Nb. What a Lark, David and Lisa.  We took Tuesday off, perhaps not a wise decision in view of our current rush,  but the opportunity to meet and spend an evening together doesn't come round often enough to miss so we took ourselves off to The Vine for a meal.  Come Wednesday we were off at just after seven am, serviced at Greensforge and moored at Wightwick for the night. Thursday, another early start, service at Gailey and an overnight mooring at Penkridge and on Friday we pushed on through to the Trent and Mersey and dropped down and moored across from Shugborough Hall. Here we were joined by Chris and Richard on Nb. Mandalay so out came the chairs and we sat along the towpath drinking tea and eating biscuits while we caught up with each other.
It was a F1 Grand Prix weekend so we stayed put Saturday, watched the race Sunday morning and then set off again towards Fradley Junction. What a glorious day, the weather was superb, bright, warm and sunny, the crowds were out in force at the junction so there was plenty of interest in what was happening at the locks.  I met a blog reader at one lock but failed to ask his name which was very remiss of me, so apologies Sir, but thank you for your interest. 
Dropping down pass the junction on to the services we started to water when I spotted a chap with a dog walking towards us, it was Nev Wells and dog Leila of Nb. Percy.  Nev has been considering fitting a refleks oil stove to Percy so was interested to see how Yarwood's was fitted. Joe was equally interested in the folding chimney exhaust that Nev has just ordered for Nb. Percy so a pleasant technical talk hour was spent before Nev and I worked Yarwood down through the locks towards Alrewas and our overnight mooring.

 Floyd and Leila patiently waiting while their masters talk, and talk, and..

Nev and Joe discussing the chimney adaptor for the oil stove

I am currently looking out at rain and lashing winds on Monday morning and awaiting a lull before setting off again towards Burton.


  1. Hi Lesley & Joe,

    It was really good to meet up and thank you for the boat tour and advice on the stove. I did not realise the main distributor - Lockgate marine are based in Sharlow, on your route ! I popped over lunchtime today and chatted to Paul. It was useful as it seems the jacketed back boiler version really needs a circulation pump, which I am not keen to fit, so it is either the non visible flame model or keep the SF. Have a good trip to Leicester, the week should get better !

  2. I am surprised you found anyone there at Lockgate my congratulations. Why are you opting for te non visible flame version?
    We are now in Burton but will be pressing on tomorrow. Good to meet you Nev..more on Percy's fit out please.


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