Sunday, 1 September 2013

A berth in Barton Turn

 Come Friday morning after two nights moored out in the sticks in relative peace and quiet we pulled pins and headed off towards Burton on Trent.  Our aim was to moor up at Branston by the water park and then slip into Barton Turns Marina on Saturday morning where we had booked a berth for Yarwood.  That plan was quickly modified when we came across notices pinned to the lock beams at Dallow lock announcing a National angling match of 300 pegs due to take place on the Saturday. Bolstered by advice from other boaters we decided to give Branston a miss and head straight for Barton marina.
 And we are off again. yet another glorious day in this stunning 2013 summer!
Arriving at Horninglow Basin we reversed Yarwood into the service point- this before we knew we were going head directly to Barton Turn Marina, - to fill with water and empty cassettes.
 Filling with fresh water at Horninglow Basin
 Off he goes back on to the cut, destination Burton on Trent

 Approaching Shobnall Basin and the Marston Bridge

 Branston Lock
 Yarwood on the lock landing waiting for a boat coming down

 Fletcher and Floyd waiting for Joe to come into the lock and me to do things...
 Branston done and dusted and gates to be left for an approaching boat....result!
 Tatenhill lock approach

 Himself 'playing to the gallery' chatting to gongoozlers on the bridge at Tatenhill lock

Leaving the last lock of the day, Barton Turn.
At Barton Turn Lock we loaded the dogs back on the boat and I joined them for the last stretch into Barton Marina where we located the visitor moorings and tied up.  Joe went off to settle up for our stay and told them we were happy to stay on the visitor moorings....that may have been a mistake as the visitor moorings are close by the pub and on Friday night the pub at Barton Turns had a live band and the live band didn't finish its session until 12.15am and the merry, happy, enebriated customers didn't go home until 01.30am...
I expected much of the same on Saturday night but things were quite peaceful last night and I slept like the proverbial log.
 Visitor moorings at Barton Turn Marina
So we are now on shore power and everything that can be washed  has been washed and I have even spent an hour or more ironing this morning.. the first time the 'resident iron' has been out of its box I might add!
Tomorrow Joe goes off to get our hire car and we decamp for a week of family visits.

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