Friday, 27 September 2013

A visit from a Small Woolwich and...

Joe took the dogs off this morning for a walk - it is 'skinny day' and I think he needed to be fully occupied and not focusing on food, or rather the lack of it.  Anyway off he goes leaving me to a few chores and the preparation of some homemade soup and whilst  I was busy hacking up vegetables a Woolwich bow pulled alongside; our coal delivery had arrived care of Rick on working boat Auriga.

We had four bags of smokeless at £10 per bag (25kg bags) which will do for now, there being still three bags in the hold.  You can contact Rick on 0796 201 3199 or on or Gravenor Boating Company on Facebook.

 Coal delivered and a chat and off he goes to his next customer and I went back to beating vegetables into submission.  Post lunch and leaving Joe to snooze I went off with the dogs on a circular walk from Shackerstone, to Barton-in-the Beans, Odstone and then back to Shackerstone.  A lovely afternoon in wonderful Leicestershire countryside with well marked public footpaths;it makes such a difference.  Passing through one farm and they had the combine out harvesting oilseed rape and in another they were harrowing.
 Barton-in-the-Beans Baptist church...a village of non-conformists that was the centre of an 18th Century revivalist movement.

 An imposing house, there were several, in Barton-in-the-Beans
 Walking along the edge of a crop of sweetcorn was just too much temptation for Floyd, hide-an-seek time!

Whereas Fletcher plays by the rules and sticks to the footpath.. Good lad


  1. Shouldn't you be down to one skinny day a week by now or you'll be down to 6 stone? Or maybe you're stuffing your bellies with 5 pints and ten doughnuts each, each of the other 5 days!
    No, I still can't change the name/URL Jill x

  2. No doughnuts Jill but you might be right about the beers...
    I am holding at between 8st and 8st 2lb but that is by sticking to twice a week. Himself is now 11st and holding firm.
    X Lesley


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