Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A walk to the end of the line

A typical misty autumnal morning greeted us this morning as we left Yarwood for a walk to Snarestone, the current end of the Ashby navigation.  We being, Fletcher, Floyd and I..
We left Joe preparing to touch up the gunnel's with a bit of raddle paint.

 Yarwood basking in the early morning mist
 Line moorings at Shackerstone
 Birthday Boy Floyd, eight years old today!
 The Boys
 And don't speak with you mouth full
 Southern portal of Snarestone tunnel
 The route over the top of the tunnel
 Northern portal with more mowing going on
 Bridge 61, the final bridge before the end of the navigation
 The original pumping station now a private home
The end of the line... for now


  1. Happy Birfday Floyd, luv Ozzy xxx

    1. Ozzie your typing and spelling is awesome! Floyd sends his thanks and says he will see you soon.
      X Lesley

  2. My comment must have been lost - how can Floyd be that age? Where does the time go. He still looks as handsome as ever - met some real, seriously, anti Floyd stiles today and thought of you all
    Your comment blog won't allow me to change G's name
    Jill x

    1. The time just flies Jill. We are fast approaching our 5th anniversary, your are not far from your 6th. When I think that the majority of my dog's lives have been spent on a boat...but what a life they have!

      I don't know how to allow you to change the post name from my blog but just sign off as Jill anyway.
      X Lesley


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