Friday, 27 September 2013


We are enjoying our stay here at Shackerstone, the autumnal weather is a treat and the colour of the leaves on the trees as they move into their reds and golds is just wonderful.  Yesterday evening, standing on the tug deck to make a phone call, a Barn Owl swooped past me and landed on a nearby tree where it hooted its presence for all to hear; magic, just magic.

The village here at Shackerstone is a small farming community with a pub, The Rising Sun, a church, St. Peter's, a wharf and the remains of a motte and bailey castle...but sadly, no village shop.   There is however a shop at a local village, Newton Burgoland - Yes really, that is the name and yet another quaintly named village in the vicinity is Barton-in-the Beans, what a brilliant address that would be to have.  Anyway yesterday morning I headed off on my trusty bicycle to find Newton Burgoland and the aforementioned shop, about two miles from our mooring.  I bought bread and tea and ordered and paid for a newspaper for collection on Saturday.

 The Rising Sun, Shackerstone
 The restored St. Peter's Shackerstone
 Heading for the pub... Fletcher in the lead and Floyd and Ghost bringing up the rear
We were rejoined by Brian and Ghost of Nb. Kyle yesterday so having got respective chores done, Brian brass cleaning, Joe repainting gunwales and me, cooking, shopping and walking dogs, we all headed off for a lunch time pint and a packet of pork scratchings for the hounds.

 Ghost enjoying a little relaxation in the conservatory of the Rising Sun

 Floyd and Fletcher also enjoying the ambiance
 Brian downing a pint of Timothy Taylor Landlord
Joe on the Marston's Pedigree
After enjoying my pint I left the males to their chatting and in the dogs case, sleeping, and went back to Yarwood to finish our lunch, homemade celery and Stilton soup and crusty bread.  They wandered back eventually and we spent the rest of the afternoon chilling and chatting.


  1. A perfect day to my mind Lesley. Sigh.....

  2. How true Amanda...and today has been another one - bar the starving of course - skinny day today.
    X Lesley


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