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Saturday 4 June 2011

Changes afoot

Our current boat, Caxton, is a 68' semi-trad based on a Graham Reeves hull and fitted out by Barnowl Narrowboats.  Caxton is contemporary boat, chrome fittings, no brass, reverse layout, 5' cross-bed in our cabin, ash fitout, portholed and well equipped with white goods, including a dishwasher!    We had originally opted for a semi-trad because we have two labradors and we imagined that all four of us would be happily encounced on the semi-trad deck while we cruised the canals each day. 

Our new boat, Nb Yarwood, is going to be very different and much more 'traditional'.  Yarwood will be a 66' tug; a 'TUG' because we find the lines of a tug so attractive and we want one!   We have worked out that every critical item we carry on Caxton can be accommodated in the layout of a tug style boat, walking from stem to stern and checking off every bit of kit and identifying where it will 'live' on a new boat.  That done any reservations that Joe had about a tug simply faded away.....

The new boat will have:
  • a traditional, Trad, stern rather than a semi-trad.
  • a boatman's cabin
  • an engine room
  • cross shower room, cassette toilet
  • smaller galley
  • larger saloon
  • large hold under the tug deck
  • diesel generator in hold.
In the next post I will explain what the rationale is for the changes we are planning.


  1. Do you have a buyer for Caxton? If not, how much would you want for her?

  2. Hello Tufty
    We will be selling Caxton but as yet we haven't a figure in mind - we really need to get a valuation.
    You will appreciate that Caxton is our home so until Yarwood is launched which is December/Jan depending on weather/ice conditions we cannot transfer ourselves off of her and offer her for sale.
    Keep watching however because when we do put Caxton up for sale I will put an entry on the blogs.
    take care

  3. Thanks Lesley, I'm eagle eyed on the blog!

    I am waiting to sell my house, so I can't be in too much of a hurry

    I'll say hello if I see you about.




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