Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Real Thing inspires...

Nb. Sickle 
Inspired by the real thing, our new boat, the 66' Nb. Yarwood, will be based on the lines of a 'middle Northwich'.   The 42'  40' Nb Sickle, (above) an example of the real thing is our muse.  The lines of this 'middle Northwich' boat, a series of boats by WJ Yarwood of Northwich in the mid 1930's expansion of canal transport for the GUCCC
The busines like bow of the  'middle Northwich' built in the mid 1930's by WJ Yarwood at Northwich on the R.Weaver for the newly formed Grand Union Canal Carrying Company, the G.U.C.C.C.  
Again this is Nb Sickle.   This is the bow that our new boat Nb. Yarwood will attempt to emulate. 
 We just love the lines and proportions of this boat.  Thank you Sickle...  Of course the tug deck will not be quite as extensive, we have to live on board after all, but we hope that Nb. Yarwood will prove to be an fitting homage to this renown boatbuilder!

(Last two Photo's from Sickle and Chalice blog. Fincher Family)


  1. Ahem......

    The last two pictures may be taken from the "Sickle and Chalice" blog, but have nothing to do with Matt Parrott, as they are under our ownership.

    The first picture is not one of ours, and does not appear in the "Sickle and Chalice" blog.

    Glad you like the boat, but perhaps you would like to correctly credit our pictures to the Fincher family, who now own her.


  2. Alan
    The credits have been amended - thanks for the heads up.


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