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Thursday 23 June 2011

Livery sorted!

Yesterday morning Joe and I headed to Brierley Hill to meet with the signwriter, Dave Moore.  We had with us a number of livery ideas that we had 'sketched' out on my laptop.  The previous evening we had been flicking from one to t'other  to see which of our options grabbed our attention  and surprisingly it was a green and red livery that we kept being drawn to.  When we went through those same options with Dave he agreed, only changing the shade of green slightly. 
Next thing were off to his workshop to have a look at the actual paint colours, and here they are.

After a cup of tea Dave invited us to go and have a look at Nb. Resolute, his boat which is moored at Norton Canes yard, and like a shot we accepted. 

 Nb, Resolute, Dave's 60' Norton Canes tug
Nb. Resolute 
 Here is how we found Nb. Resolute, moored up so the two photo's above are from the NC website.

 Dave demonstrating the start-up procedure of Resolute's Kelvin engine for Joe
 Here, the side steps/stair on Resolute, similar to those that will be built for Yarwood.  Easy access for dogs, most important, and a storage solution because the step is also a draw.
 The table cupboard, decorated by Dave of course

I am not sure that Dave (R) likes Joe's (L) dance moves that much..


  1. Just noticed your new blog...Doh

  2. Sorry Paul
    I will have to let people know about it rather than playing it close to my chest..

  3. Hmm - Rapidpaint - I use their stuff. Its good.

  4. Hi Captain A
    Yes, Rapidpaint it is.. Dave Moore's preference and that of Stuart, the boat fitter.


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