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Monday 27 June 2011

More inspiration - lovely tugs

 Sue Cawston's Nb Thea, a 'middle' Northwich and the inspiration for Yarwood.
I passed Nb.Thea yesterday when I was aboard Nb Ling at the Braunston Historic Boat Rally.

 The two in the middle are ice-breakers
 Ahhh, Nb. Sickle, another middle Northwich

Rivet detail on Nb. Thea


  1. Nice pictures of Sickle.

    I'm surprised she looks as ballasted down at the front as she does in the side on shot. I generally think of her as sitting a bit higher at the front than that.

  2. I should also have said.....

    I don't think any of the tugs in that Braunston line up, inclusing the two Stewarts and Lloyds. ones I assume you are referring to were designed as ice breakers. All were principally tugs.

    "Sickle" was an ice breaker conversion, of course, (in 1942). In your previous post you say Sickle is 42 feet. Sickle is in fact 40 feet with the ice ram removed, and would have been about 45 feet with it fitted.


  3. Thank you Alan, I will correct my error. She is certainly a lovely boat with great proportions!


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