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Sunday 10 July 2011

Boatman's stove or bed

The boatmans cabin aboard Yarwood is going to be our main cabin.  We are having the cabin elongated to 9' rather than the traditional 8'6" so that our bed can can be a standard double size i.e. 4'6".    However, we have found this diminutive stove that would allow us to grow our bed to a 5', as on Caxton, and still provide heat for the helmsman on those bitterly cold winter days. 
The Faversham Stove has been in production since 1990 and is specifically designed for boats, yachts and narrowboats.  This could well be what we opt for as it has a footprint of only 12"x 8" and will meet out needs.  The tradional range stoves are significantly bigger but we don't intend to cook it - so what will it be, a larger bed or a large black ornament?


  1. If you cant make up your minds about the bed you had better sleep on it! Ha Ha. It was great to see you guys in Stourport. I would go for the bigger bed personally.

  2. Hi A
    It was good to see you and the family. I think the bed is winning...


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