Friday, 29 July 2011

Going 'Swimmingly'...

Day four of build.
We arrived at the workshop yesterday afternoon to find the the sides of the hull were now in situ and that Matt had began to fashion, or should that be 'fabricate', the SWIM.   This is the part of the hull that streams the water back towards the propeller, giving the prop something to bite and propel the boat forward.  Yarwood has a 12' swim to optimise that 'streaming effect'. 

The Swim.
The baseplate has been cut, (you can just see a gap between the swim and the base) and will be lifted to form the underside of the counter. 

Yarwood is only tacked at this stage in the construction.

Steve and Ian discussing progress on the bow or, 'When is that silly woman going to leave and let us get on with it?'

Amazingly, the bow was also underway.  Steve was starting to create the shape, tacking in pieces of angle-iron to hold bits of steel in 'suspension' until the look and shape of the desired bow starts to emerge - please excuse my lack of technical appreciation and terminology for what is actually going on here, but needless to say I was very impressed! 

The emerging bow -  from your correspondent 'up a ladder'

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