Saturday, 16 July 2011


Joe has sourced an adaptor from a Dutch supplier so that the brass search lamp we are going to use as Yarwood's tunnel lamp will be able to take a modern halogen bulb.  He was able to get adaptors here in the UK to take 20watt halogens but he wanted a 50 watt bulb for the tunnel light so a search on the Web brought hime to Holland...and a language barrier.  Soon resolved however.  We now have appropriate adaptor and spare.. of course.


  1. Hi both
    New lamp looks great!.....just a word of caution, don't have it too bright as it will blind boaters coming the other way (like car headlights on main beam) and they will only hit your boat!! We had to tone ours down with a low wattage bulb, and it still gives loads of light, even pointed at the tunnel roof. Good luck with the new build.....will enjoy watching the progress....

  2. Hi U2
    Good to hear from you. Thanks for the advice, we will drop back to 20 watts if we cannot adjust the beam sufficiently to avoid blinding other boaters - getting clumped is never too good but when you have brought it upon yourselves....
    take care


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