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Tuesday 26 July 2011

We have 'lift off'...

Just before lunch yesterday the steel for Yarwood arrived at the boatbuilders.  We got a text to informing us and hopped in the car to witness the start of the build; at last we have 'lift off'. 
Yarwood's base plate. 
Two lengths of 15mm steel were laid out, these will form the base of the boat.  The two sheets of steel had been 'tacked' and the fabricator was just preparing to cut the steel to the correct width.

Steel from the Ukraine, see the stencil on the sheet..

We have opted for the  heavier grade steel, 15mm, for the baseplate, (most narrowboats are currently built on 10mm thick plates) with 8mm hull sides instead of 5mm, because it will reduce the amount of ballast we will need therefore giving us more headroom. 
I will be visiting regularly to get a couple of photo's to record the build progress.

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