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Monday, 5 March 2012

Heading back into Birmingham

Following our weekend at The Black Country Museum moorings we pulled pins this morning, turned the boat and pulled onto the service point to do 'the necessary', filling with fresh water, disposing of rubbish and emptying toilet cassettes.  We also took the opportunity to give the boat a wash - well at least one side of the boat...
Yarwood serviced and washed.

 TWO TUGS TANGO - Yarwood passing William, a Stowe Hill BCN style tug

 Pudding Green Junction - what a cute name!   The junction of the Wednesbury Old Canal with the New Main line.  We will come back another time and visit more of the BCN as we have barely scratched the surface and this is quite fascinating...if a bit scary as well.

I've done the walking - 5miles, and produced a lunch so now I'M IN CHARGE!  Yes, I'm on the tiller again for a short time, heading into Brum - taking photo's whilst steering with my spine....


  1. Nice to see that Joe trusts you with a challenging bit of steering!!

  2. Nuff said Adam... I have to prise the tiller from his grasp just to do this bit!


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