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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Huston, Euston, we have a problem..

We had set off this morning by eight o'clock which is a bit unusual because we have out of the habit of early starts...however we had the Lapworth flight ahead of us so needs must..
A's into gear off,  we went off in the chilly morning mist.   Lifting the first lift bridge was a bit of a struggle, but that is probably that lack of practise over the last eight months.

 Yarwood approaching the first lock of the day

 I was soon into the swing of locking

 Until we arrived at lock six.. and found a de-watered pound between lock six and lock seven and a BW chap walking up the flight to tell me that there was a problem.  The top gate on lock seven had been broken the previous night and was hanging off.  A BW work team had been summoned but the repair was likely to take all day.

 The anchor strap that the gate collar fixes to had sheared.  This would require a completely new anchor to be fitted and cemented in place before the flight could be opened.

 Fixing the anchor strap

 We had pulled back out of the lock, moored on the lock landing and put kettle on. 

And later in the afternoon a strange but familiar boat showed up and moored behind us...

It was Caxton.  

Russell and crew are taking Caxton to her new mooring at Yardley Gobion for Paul and Elaine, Caxton's new owners.   The plan tonight is to have a meal in The Navigation and then as soon as we can tomorrow we will head down the flight together and then tackle the Hatton flight in tandem.


  1. Look forward to seeing pics of Yarwood and Caxton together in locks. Twill be strange for you. Don't hop back on wrong boat! Wonder what the dogs think?

    1. Hi Karen
      We will see the dogs reaction later today when we start locking together but the dogs will stick with me so as long as I don't get confused they will be fine..

  2. What a magic situation to be in, the old and the new, I think the young crew are aboard now (kim and Chris) plenty of lock work for them. Have fun and wish we were there, 2 weeks today to take off time!

  3. Plenty of pictures for you and your boat will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive!

  4. Bet you didn't expect that!! Great to see them together, did it bring a tear to your eye?
    love Pip & Rog xxx

  5. Perfik - don't need us then, so I'm off to Norfolk in morning


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