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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday...a day of rest?

We had ourselves, the FOUR ourselves that is, a walk to the Shirley branch of B&Q this morning.  Himself had been a bit concerned when I happened to mention on Friday during our run out of Brum that the engine room was pretty hot.  So on Saturday he disappeared into the bowels of Yarwood to find out why...
Engine coolant not circulating to the skin-tank (SKIN-Tank - the  narrowboat version of a car radiator) was his diagnosis.  After some careful consideration and a rummage in the engine manual he devised a plan of action and hence our visit to B&Q.
We returned to Yarwood with sundry plumbing bits. 
He then resumed his position in Yarwood's bowels and I went to polish brass followed by wrecking session in the galley - this means I prepared tonight's dinner but the galley looked wrecked after my efforts.  I have walked the dogs again, Joe has determined that the engine cooling issue is now resolved and is now playing Angry Birds in the back cabin and I am imbibing a glass of vino while I trype this and catch up with other boaty bloggers.
Cheers, happy Sunday everyone!

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