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Thursday, 1 March 2012

To freeze or not to freeze...

I was asked a couple of days ago about whether it was necessary to have a freezer on board a liveaboard boat.   Well I guess the answer is NO, it is not necessary, but it is possible.   When we started this living on a narrowboat over three years ago we had a freezer, a small 12volt Shoreline freezer.  Advice to us at the time was if we were going to live aboard we  should have a freezer...so we did.
In went the extra bottle of milk, the loaf of bread, packet of peas assorted meat/fish products etc. and for the most part these items stayed there.
After a year we ended up running the contents of the freezer down in preparation for a Christmas break away from the boat and simply never switched it on again.    We found that we didn't need a freezer at all; there are plenty of places near the canal to get fresh provisions and for us, running a freezer was neither necessary nor made sense given the power it consumed.

Fresh food bought yesterday  - most of which has gone into the fridge.

To freeze or not to freeze is very much a personal choice, it depends on how you live, on what you eat.  We have never missed the freezer and in fact we removed it from Nb. Caxton (our former boat) and sold it.  When it came to build NB. Yarwood we didn't even consider including a freezer though the dishwasher has found a place aboard.   It is certainly personal choice, many boaters will have freezers a board but I suspect most won't... and most won't feel the lack of it. 


  1. A small freezer compartment in the fridge is the compromise for ice cubes in the summer and the odd emergency meal?


    1. It certainly is Nev but the new fridge on Yarwood doesn't even have that.


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