Sunday, 1 September 2013

Saving pennies and pounds

Just a thought for boaters hiring cars.  A conversation with a lady from Australia re car hire got Joe trawling the Internet for an insurance product that might save us money.  Enterprise charge £12 day for their 'damage waiver'. It is voluntary but if you don't take it their excess is a hefty £700!!
Joe has taken out an annual  policy for £39.99 that covers any excess with any car hire company here or in the EU.  This also covers up to nine named drivers.  The company in question is and is owned by Chubb Insurance.  Hope it helps...


  1. Hi guys what are the details please. We hired a car this weekend, oh and Enterprise is £700 now - £200 as deposit and another £500 if you prang.

  2. We have been using icarinsurance for a couple of years now.
    Car rental companies make a lot of money
    frightening clients into taking out the extra insurance at insanely high rates.

  3. Thanks for the tip. When we venture topside we hire rental cars to travel around Europe and the insurance charge is frightening, more so if you have a prang and they ask for their monies. I have now filed this address away to be used next year when we venture up to tour UK and Europe.

  4. Brilliant information - we knew there was a company that did this but could find the info! Thanks!

  5. Absolutely brilliant thank you, just brought the annual cover too...


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