Tuesday, 24 September 2013

To Market Bosworth

We pulled pins at 7.50am yesterday, said our farewells to Brian and Ghost aboard Nb. Kyle and set off towards the services at Sutton Wharf some three miles or so away.  Passing the Ashby Boat Hire centre at Stoke Golding Wharf I enquired about the price of their diesel and the reply was 'It depends on what you are declaring but it starts at 89ppl'; we will be filling there on the way back.

NB Ellen
We slipped past Nb. Ellen at just after 8am a bit early to start shouting greetings so we refrained and left John, Angela and Lola to their slumbers.
Sutton Wharf
I arrived with the dogs at Sutton Wharf ahead of Joe and Yarwood, crossing the bridge to the off-side services, which includes a café and car park for the Bosworth Battlefield site, I located the water points and awaited Himself.

Away up the Ashby
This intriguing vessel is Pelican and I think she was an icebreaker?
That looks to me like an icebreaker stem? 
I am right or am I  'meringue'?  (Glasgow speak)

How lovely is that?  How lucky are we?
At Market Bosworth we moored up and had our 'skinny day' lunch, stuffed mushrooms - the last of the buggers thank goodness.   After a quiet night here on the visitor moorings the construction traffic over the hedge has started up again.  We need to move on away from the noise but before moving I cycled UP THE HILL into Market Bosworth, 3/4 mile away, and got some essentials then I whizzed back down the hill free-wheeling most of the way - the old girl didn't know she had it in her...
We are now getting laundry completely up to date and bodies showered  ( I am eyeing a certain Floyd and Fletcher as I type but they say that the canal water suits them just fine thank you..) and once done we will be away towards Shackerstone. 

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