Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Up the flight and on to Hartshill

Up and on the move at 7.20am this morning, following a single handler up the Atherstone flight of 11 locks.  I got the trusty bike off of the deck for a bit of lock wheeling and got caught on camera passing Nb. Windsong so I am sure that Pip will repay me - yesterday's photo's - and post something equally embarrassing of me doing a Wiggins impression.

 The first lock of the day

 Not the only ones about..

 There be Nb. Windsong moored between locks 8 and 7

 Following our single handler, a very efficient and capable single handler, up the last four locks
We moored at the top of the flight while Joe popped into Atherstone for some fresh bread rolls and a newspaper and on his return I cooked a belated breakfast for us. 
There were lots of happy boaters about including a chap who introduced himself to 'Mrs Yarwood' saying he was a blog reader - nice to meet you David and I hope you enjoy your boating this week.
We pulled pins again after our brunch and headed off towards Harsthill where we have moored for the night.

 Mix gusty wind, moored boats on a bend, blind bridge hole and boat approaching you too quickly - result Yarwood 'breasted up' against work boats  - but no collision.

 And just after workboat bend we have a sunken cruiser
 Not a bad stretch is it?
Hartshill Yard, a 19th century maintenance yard for the Coventry Canal Company, now Canal and River Trust
 Floyd, Joe, Diana and Brian
As we started to moor up a boat approached that we recognised, Nb. Harnser with Brian and Diana aboard.  They pulled over and stopped for a chat before continuing their trip to Huddlesford for the festival at the weekend.

 We headed for the Anchor Inn and a welcome pint before settling down for the rest of the day.

'There is a pork scratching up there Floyd'

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