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Thursday 11 December 2014

Coffee in Alcala

Sunday morning after a lie in, a leisurely breakfast, for those that didn't cook it that is, we scrubbed up and took a drive into the nearest town which is Alcala la Real.   We knew that nothing would be open because unlike England, where Sunday trading restrictions have been all but lifted, Spain is to all intents and purposes the 1950's/1960's England that I grew up in where everything was closed and Sunday's were BORING!  Not so Alcala... nothing open but the towns folk were out and about in best bib and tucker, including one lady in a fur coat, the children were scrubbed and out with Mum and Dad and Grandma and Grandad.

 Our first sight of Alcala la Real, the Moorish Citadel that overlooks the current town can be seen from miles away as it guards the surrounding countryside

 The fountain in the town square
We headed into town and parked the car and went walk about stopping in the town square for a couple of coffees, dos café con leche por favour..

 My three boys., Himself, Floyd and Fletcher

 How much???

Heading back to base after a couple of hours we came around a bend and there in front of us was SNOW!! It wasn't there yesterday but now the mountains are wearing their winter robes.


  1. Ok so we have had rain, gales and damage here, and all you can do is sit in the sun drinking coffee and looking at fabulous views.....

  2. Ok so I'm booking my ticket......


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