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Friday 12 December 2014

Lunch on the Med

Yesterday we decided to have a drive south some 100 miles and have a look at Nerja on the Med. The guidebooks said that it was one of the quieter resorts on the Cost del Sol and with that in mind we went exploring.  Apart from one holiday in Granada in 1992 I have never been to mainland Spain and Joe has never been here at all so hands up, we are pretty ignorant of what this enormous Country has to offer.
The journey south was pretty straightforward, The A44 motorway and the A7 and that was it.  The roads are a pleasure to drive on and I am seriously impressed with the Spanish civil engineers and what they have managed to do in such a mountainous country. Cutting through the Sierra Nevada mountains the roads go across no end of soaring viaducts and closer to the coast, a plethora of tunnels.

 On the road and heading south

 Nerja beach

 Joe, beach combing

 It's fun, fun, fun...Labradors and water...it comes only second to Labradors and food!

 We are going for a swim Mum

 Stone throwing..hours of entertainment

 Nerja town..on the cliffs above

 Awaiting lunch at a beachside restaurant

After lunch we wandered up into town and had a look around before setting off again north.
 Oh look another tunnel

Coming down hill we are about to swing right across yet another viaduct
It was a lovely day, easy journey, good weather and pleasant but simple lunch and the best bit...the silly grins on our faces watching Fletcher and Floyd cavorting in the sea.


  1. Oscar here. That sea looks a bit warmer than the Leicester Line G.U. I'm banned from the water til the spring.

  2. You missed a trip to the caves then!


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