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Tuesday 30 December 2014

In search of a Vias Verde..or a Green Way

On Sunday things were a tad overcast and chilly (Hee, Hee I can hear ..) so togged up with overcoats, but no gloves or hats,  to set off in search for a walking trail that is one of the Vias Verde trails here in Spain.  They are trails established along what are now redundant railway tracks.   The nearest I could find to where we are staying is north of  us on the way to Cordoba near a town called Alcaudete.  I could only find some information about the trails on the tinternet and with nothing resembling  a map or leaflet finding the trail was going to be potluck.   We headed north on our chosen route looking out for a brown tourist sign that might indicate the trail....there was a dearth of brown tourist signs...nice drive though.  As we were about to give up the road passed under a footbridge..."That's it!" I cried, " the trail crosses this road."  So a U turn was executed and we headed back under the footbridge and took the next right and a mile down the track through olive groves and we found the Vias verde.

We set off south along the trail, deciding to walk for 45 minutes before turning and walking the 45 minutes back to the car.  The trail passes  Lake Salanbrol, above.

 Arriving back at the car and the skies have darkened, are we going to have a deluge?

And at last, we spot mechanised Olive harvesting.  We watched while two tracked vehicles set to and harvested olives.  The harvester has something like a giant inverted-broken-umbrella fixed to the front in hydraulic arms.  Approaching  the olive tree, the arms are lowered and the umbrella unfurled around the base of the tree and then the harvester shakes the tree.  The olives fall off into the waiting umbrella which furls up again and gathers the crop..simples.

And spotted on our walk, how about miniature Iris's as wild flowers?
After a couple of hours out and about we headed south again under louring skies but no rain.  We decided that we will take a pack-up (packed lunch) next time, perhaps later in the week and head north along the Vias Verde now we have located it..

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