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Friday 5 December 2014

Heart stopping, starting..

This morning we went into the local town to get in some supplies, we followed a local lady called Concha who was going to lead us to the nearest large supermarket.  I managed to say 'hello and good morning' in Spanish and tomorrow I am hoping to say 'hello, good morning, how are you?' but I am a bit worried about the reply and the speed it is delivered...
Arriving back at base with a week's plus worth of shopping I packed it away and prepared a light lunch of super crusty Spanish bread with ham for Himself and houmous for me.   Leaving Joe to prepare the log burner for the evening I set off with the dogs for a walk up through the olive groves to the ridge surrounding the village.

 A magnificent example of a Holm, also known as a Holly Oak, growing in amongst the Olive trees.  This oak is evergreen with tiny leaves the shape an amalgam of the oak and holly.

 Look at the bole on this tree...how old is that do you think?
The lower slopes were just fine but by the time I had scrambled towards the top my heart was beating a route out of my rib cage and I was beginning to wonder about the possibility of a little cardiac episode... then I thought sod it, you've got to go some way carry on you wuss.  As soon as I made the summit and 'level' ground the old ticker returned to its normal plod and all was well.

Towards the top of our climb I came across this ruin...a project for Joe perhaps but only if a  Stena stair lift is included!


  1. Did you manage 'como estas'. No lisping required on that one!

  2. Joe might like a project... he could get up there on a donkey.

    1. He could but he would be all alone...far to isolated for the boys and I...now there's a thought...


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