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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Main lining

I am just starting this update as Himself is upside down in the weed hatch amusing himself; men and their hobbies!!

We decided that we would get out of Birmingham for the weekend so once up I trekked up to Tesco's for a weekend supply of vino collapso and a newspaper leaving Joe to prep the boat ready for the off.

 Reflections on the main line
Reflected railway arches in the cut 

 We watered at Cambrian Wharf; two water points, four taps, but NO water pressure so even though it was only us there it took well over an hour to fill the tank, still needs must and we didn't have any appointments in the diary so....
We then filled with diesel at Sherbourne Wharf (92p litre) and set off westwards towards Dudley.

 I got off with the dogs just past the Soho loop and walked the towpath.  It was a lovely day, most cyclists failed to run me or the dogs into the ground or the cut so things were looking up!

Telford's stunning aqueduct carrying the Engine Arm across the Main line.

I got back aboard after five and a half miles, made a cuppa and took the tiller until we arrived at the first of the Factory locks.  Approaching the lock we could see people at the lock and the gate was opening.....then closing?  It turned out to be three kids of 11/12ish messing about. 
 I called to get them to open the gate, and as we carefully approached they asked if they could ride on the deck as they had never been on a boat....
We obliged. 
So carefully laden with three kids that were  warned to 'hold on' we went into the lock.  I went up and worked the lock, prepped the next one and returned to open the top gate and help our human cargo off; they ran off shouting their thanks and laughing gleefully. 

 Yarwood in the top of the Factory flight of locks just before we turn left thru Tipton and on the Black Country Museum moorings.
Moored up at the Black Country Museum - they found a mooring for us where the heritage boat normally moors - the visitor moorings were occupied by a couple of work boats...

Re. Men's hobbies and weed hatches.  Himself removed a refuse sack and contents but announced that access to Yarwood's weed hatch is easier then Caxton's - does this mean he is going to spend more time there or will he restrain himself???


  1. Congratulations on your new boat, I really enjoy reading your blog. I used to follow your blog when you had Caxton
    Nb shell bell


    1. Thanks Norwyn, good to hear from you and I am pleased that my ramblings serve a purpose!

  2. Lovely to see those now familiar Brum sights again. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Hi Karen
      Weekend being enjoyed though the road noise kept one of us awake, guess who?


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