Saturday, 2 June 2012

And so to Ramsey

We were pottering around yesterday morning when a pick-up truck turned up next to the boat with Middle Level Commissioners (MLC) emblazoned on the door.  As we were moored on the lock-landing we thought we needed to see the MLC chaps and offer an explanation and as Joe was the only one of us dressed it was he that was shovelled out of the door to grovel... Meanwhile I hurriedly got myself  attired and followed him.  As it happens no apologies and grovelling were required, we were not in the way of anything anyway.

 Middle Level Commission work boat on it's way down High Lode to Ramsey

 The MLC work boat on its way to Ramsey Quay and the MLC truck drives off to join him

Shortly after the MLC workmen left I called Lyn Shotbolt at Bill Fen Marina and arranged to take Yarwood in and moor up.  We are in the same slot as we were two years ago when we brought Caxton down here.  After lunch we walked down into Ramsey where Joe caught a bus to Stanground to retrieve our car from storage and I had a wander about with the two dogs the highlight for them was a visit to the local pet shop where they got to choose some 'sweeties' - pigs ears no less.

 Remains of Ramsey Abbey gatehouse (NT)
The oldest English and once great Benedictine abbey at Ramsey.

 St. Thomas a Becket church built in 1180 and formally part of the Benedictine Abbey

Duck pond and the end of Church Green

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