Thursday, 14 June 2012

Social whirl

Between the three boats, Yarwood, Matilda Rose and No. Problem, currently moored together here at Silt Fen we have six dogs, well five dogs and a puppy actually.  The mooring site is fenced and the dogs have been free to play together...this is just wonderful for little Penny, Sue and Vic's (NB. No Problem) new addition to the boat crew, as she has four new playmates to terrorise!

As well as the dogs having a wonderful time together though much the same can be said for the humans.  Our first evening was spent in the local pub enjoying a meal together, last night we held an impromptu BBQ and tonight there is to be a giant paella for all to share.  All this eating is being punctuated with group dog walks and lots of chatter and laughter...magic!

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