Monday, 25 June 2012

Exit, Little Ouse

Having arrived at Brandon lock on Thursday last to meet my brother and sister-in-law Joe decided that he didn't want to stay.  It had rained all the previous night and during our cruise up river that morning, the water levels were up and Himself was simply very uneasy about getting caught so no sooner had we moored up than we were on our way again down stream towards the Gt. Ouse.

 Hockwold Sluice gates

 Quaintly named...Road Bridge 

 The Ship Inn at the junction of the Gt. and Lt. Ouse
 Moored at Littleport on the EA moorings by the Swan Restaurant

We stayed here for a couple of nights through some very lively winds before setting off to rejoin the crew of Nb. Matilda Rose moored in Ely.

Saturday morning, still windy but the sun has come out.  We had pulled across the river from our overnight mooring on to the water point where we replenished our supply before heading off to Ely.


  1. The weather is beyond at the moment - I thought we'd all be worrying about low river levels, not raging torrents!

    ID is safely moored up in Limehouse and with the non-tidal Thames being so moody that's where she'll stay for a while!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Hi Sue
      I have been keeping abreast of what is happening with the hounds and I believe you have enough to worry about with Lou's health without worrying about water levels as well. Here's wishing for a good outcome.
      take care

      ouSo sorry to read about Poppy


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